Edition 2023

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For the 2023 edition, 23 teams of floral artists pay tribute to Belgian surrealism

From 11 to 15 August, you will discover Brussels City Hall through fresh new eyes. Five days long, some of the world's finest floral artists will transform fifteen rooms in the Town Hall to pay tribute to another Belgian speciality: Surrealism and its great masters. An enchantment of fragrance and colour to inspire the imagination in the most beautiful setting you could dream of: the Grand-Place in Brussels. 

World-class Floral Art

Brussels City Hall remains a hidden gem even to many people in Brussels. In addition to taking a look behind the façade of this iconic building, you will enjoy a world-class exhibition curated by the creators of the Brussels Flower Carpet and the world-famous Floraliën.


Artists from 
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Internationally acclaimed event, Flowertime attracts the best florists and their breathtaking creations, to dazzle visitors. A different theme is chosen for each edition, making every one unique. 

For this 5th edition, 23 teams of florists from Brussels, Wallonia, Flanders and abroad (France, Portugal, Ukraine, Indonesia, etc.) compete in terms of their boldness, talent and imagination to decorate the Town Hall.

It's the combination of a historic location and the diversity of styles and perspectives that makes Flowertime so fascinating. "This year, the Flowertime florists have a unique opportunity to express their creativity and push the boundaries of floral design. Surrealism is an artistic movement known for its unusual, dreamlike images and for combining different elements in surprising and sometimes even bewildering ways. The florists have applied this concept to their floral creations, creating a captivating and enchanting atmosphere," explains Pieter Toebaert, General Manager of Floraliën and Artistic Director of Flowertime.


Flowertime view 
Tower Experience

By happy coincidence, the capital's events unit (Brussels Major Events) is launching two other events at the same time, which will delight tourists, botanists, Brussels residents and lovers of all things beautiful. 

First of all, the third edition of Brussels in Bloom, a free flower trail created during the pandemic, which leads intrigued participants through the streets surrounding the Grand-Place from 1 to 15 August. 

And that's not all! During Flowertime, you will be able to access the Town Hall Tower and admire a 360-degree panoramic view of Brussels. The View Tower Experience is available separately or as a combi ticket that also includes Flowertime.

Flowertime 2023 in pictures